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Why Agents Are Leaving Keller Williams and Joining EXP Realty

November 19, 2018

People like familiarity. There’s a reason why families go to the same beach house every year, or parents decide to send their children to the same high schools they attended. They are known commodities – trustworthy, reliable, unchanging. But, a familiar option isn’t always the best option. Sometimes a newcomer – innovative, creative, and exciting – offers opportunities that the old guard can’t. EXP Realty is exactly this kind of newcomer, and experienced agents are leaving established brokerages like Keller Williams to take advantage of the advanced technology and unmatched opportunities at eXp Realty.


So why are even established agents joining the eXp Realty team?



  • Revenue Sharing vs. Profit Sharing


Keller Williams offers profit sharing, not the revenue sharing agents receive at eXp Realty. What’s the difference? Well, profit sharing is just that – sharing profits. If an organization isn’t profitable, then they don’t share anything at all. Agents at eXp Realty enjoy revenue sharing and get paid when agents sell a house – regardless of the profitability of the overall organization. In fact, eXp Realty offers every agent three separate revenue streams: revenue sharing, stock, and commissions.



  • Cloud-Based Freedom vs. Brick and Mortar Overhead


A cloud-based brokerage like eXp Realty eliminates all the costly overhead of a brick and mortar office – and passes some of those savings down to the agents in the form of industry-best commissions. But the benefits of a cloud-based brokerage go beyond financial incentives. The portion of the cost-savings that isn’t funneled back to agents in their commissions is dedicated to investing in cutting-edge technology, new apps, and real estate education and training for agents.


Agents with the eXp Realty team aren’t limited to working in a specific geographic location. They can access tech support, HR, and virtual training from anywhere. And, when you don’t have to worry about paying for an office, staff, and maintenance, you can launch your career quickly at a low personal cost. Plus, with a commission cap of $16000 at eXp Realty vs. $23000 at Keller Williams, agents keep even more of their commission in their own pockets.



  • Logistical Support vs. Logistical Headaches


At eXp Realty, agents work on their own terms – not on their own. They have access to the best real estate technology and apps around, including lead generation tools and a CRM at NO additional cost to the agent. Agents can also take advantage of a free WordPress hosted website to help them reach clients easily. The eXp Enterprise Dashboard makes sure that agents have easy access to up-to-date and accurate critical business metrics; including, production, transactions, commissions, capping status, revenue shared and fees paid.


And for the moments you need something a bit more tangible than your cloud-based office, eXp Realty agents can take advantage of FREE access to Regis Corporate Suites across the United States. We understand that sometimes you need to meet clients in a non-virtual office and make sure agents can do so at no additional cost.

EXP Realty is defining the future of real estate brokerages. Our agents enjoy unparalleled access to technology, apps, education, and training – and industry-best compensation plans. If you’re a real estate professional looking to surround yourself with mentors and peers that value innovation and creativity, then consider joining the team at eXp Realty. I’m happy to answer any questions you might have about how to make the switch. All you have to do is ask.

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