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The Perfect Sales Pitch for Agents: Why Yours Isn’t Working!

November 22, 2018


If you’re going to master any skill as a real estate agent, you should make it your sales pitch. Those twenty seconds (or less!) can make or break the relationship you’re attempting to establish. And, despite the short length, real estate agents dedicate a not-insignificant amount of time to perfecting their sales pitch. If your pitch isn’t landing, and you’re at your wit’s end trying to fix it, I have some good news. Thirty years of marketing experience – and fifteen years of real estate experience – taught me a thing or two about the perfect pitch. And, since I love sharing expert advice with up and coming real estate professionals, I’m going to identify why your pitch isn’t working – and help you fix it!


Before you start, you need to remember the golden rules of sales pitches.

Three Golden Rules

The Perfect Sales Pitch for Agents- Why Yours Isn't Working!

  1. Keep your pitch at less than twenty seconds.
  2. Do not start by identifying yourself as a Realtor.
  3. Display energy and enthusiasm.


What Makes a Sales Pitch Perfect?


A perfect sales pitch is beautifully simple. It hits on pain points, finds a solution, backs it up with facts, and calls the listener to actions – all in twenty seconds or less. It’s essential not to sound too “salesy.” Successful real estate agents keep their elevator pitch balanced – rehearsed, yet conversational, factual, yet easily digestible, and well-timed, but never pushy. Listeners HATE pushy. They’re not interested in an immediate hard sell, and you should keep the focus on whatever makes you unique or memorable. Plus, don’t make the mistake of thinking your sales pitch should be the first thing you say to a new acquaintance. Savvy networkers will recognize your pitch for what it is and may be turned off if that’s how you choose to open your conversation.


So, if a sales pitch isn’t an opportunity for a hard sell, what is it? It’s an opportunity to demonstrate that you are passionate about the real estate industry, your clients, and your career. When done well, listeners will feel your authenticity. A pitch should be easily customizable, so you can tweak it to your audience, and focus on what – specifically – you can do for them. A great way to ensure you’re tailoring the conversation to your listener’s specific needs is to start the pitch with a question. It’s built around your unique value proposition, so your listener has a clear understanding of not just how much you know but also why you’re exactly the agent your listener needs. And, most importantly, your pitch ends with a clear call to action. Make sure you have your business card ready to go so your listener knows how to get in touch with you again.


The Formula for a Perfect Sales Pitch



  • Start With a Problem


A problem is a great hook and gives the listener an immediate reason to be interested. The goal here is to articulate a problem that connects with the kinds of customers you want to serve. When you speak to people through their problems, you are speaking life into them – and encouraging them to engage with you.



  • Amplify a Problem


This should be a very quick step. Don’t eat up valuable seconds constructing an elaborate doomsday scenario. All that’s necessary to amplify a problem is to quickly list out some of the problems clients might face in their situation. Think about this from your listener’s perspective. Focus on answering the questions they might be asking,  “So what?” “What’s in this for me?” “Can you prove it?”



  • Offer Your Solution


You’ve offered a problem, and now you offer a solution. Don’t make the mistake of framing your solution around grand promises and guarantees. Your listener understands that words are cheap, and will be skeptical if all you offer is, “I can solve this because I said so.” Frame your solution around facts, data, proof, and credibility.


Here’s an example:

“Clients work with us because we have the experience, we sell homes faster, and get our customers more money. We pride ourselves on customer experience and relationships, and we have 7x times more five-star reviews than any agent in our marketplace. Our number one aim is to make sure you are our next five-star review and we want to deliver that experience to you. These are my competitive advantages (restate them) that you can hold me accountable to.”


Even brand new agents can offer data to back up their claims. They can use the facts and data from their offices – as long as they’re honest about it with the clients!



  • Call to Action


You wouldn’t run an ad without a call to action, so don’t end your sales pitch without one. It doesn’t need to be elaborate. In fact, simpler is better here. Giving your listener a business card and directly asking them to make an appointment or visit your website ensures that the listener knows exactly what their next step should be. Don’t leave anything up to chance. Remember: if you don’t close, you can’t win!


A great sales pitch will create a degree of separation between you and the competition. It will articulate your uniqueness and how you can solve problems for your clients. Most of all, it will make it much easier for your clients to choose you over all those other agents in the marketplace. With practice and preparation, your sales pitch will become your secret weapon. If you’re a new agent, your pitch should be a priority – but you might want to check out the other free real estate training resources I’ve put together to see what you should work on next. And, if you like what you see, you might just be a great fit for the eXp Realty team. Good luck, and get pitching!


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