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How I Can Make YOU a Better Agent

Matt Fagioli

Experience-Backed Advice and Mentorship from Real Estate Expert Matt Fagioli

Thirty years of real estate, technology, and marketing experience have taught Matt a thing or two about what it takes to excel in a competitive industry. He knows that successful real estate agents need to master much more than just real estate knowledge. Powerful marketing, access to the best technological tools, and experienced mentors are the factors that make or break new real estate agents. In fact, Matt feels so strongly about these essential skills that in 2010 he launched the Xplode Conference Series to educate all real estate agents – regardless of experience level – in the newest technology and most effective marketing strategies around.

Free Real Estate Training to Improve Your Skills Today

Don’t want to wait for the next Xplode Conference to start improving your real estate skills? No problem! Matt prepared a variety of free resources to jump-start your real estate career.

He covers topics like:

  • Cold-calling…complete with the perfect script
  • The best methods to build relationships in your market
  • How to get started as a real estate agent
  • And more!

These resources are the catalyst you need to jump-start your real estate career – or give you career the push it needs to get out of a rut. Basically, they’re Real Estate 101.

Xplode Conferences

The Only Real Estate Conference You Need

There’s no shortage of real estate conferences out there, and nobody has the time to attend every one. Which is why the Xplode Conference goes to great lengths to cover everything you need in a conference. We won’t waste your time on self-serving sales pitches. Instead, we focus on:

  • Great speakers teaching innovative techniques
  • New technology
  • Useful ideas

And since we understand that your time has value, our speakers keep their sessions to between twenty and forty minutes. The result? Condensed, valuable, and actionable advice – with no fluff.

Why Join EXP Realty?

Join the Team that Wants to Help You Succeed

Wouldn’t it be great to be part of a team that believes education and innovation drive success? On the eXp Realty team, you will be. When you join eXp Realty, you benefit from:

  • An innovative, cloud-based brokerage
  • A presence in 49 states and 3 Canadian provinces
  • The ability to work from anywhere

Access to training and exclusive resources – on your own schedule. On top of everything else, eXp Realty Agents make more money than their peers at traditional brokerages. Learn more here about the many benefits waiting for you once you take the eXp Realty leap.

Real Estate Workshops

Join Matt in Person at the BEST Real Estate Workshops Around

Whether you’re a new real estate agent trying to make a strong start, or an existing real estate agent looking to grow your business – you need to use the latest technology and develop strong digital marketing and sales strategies. The best place to develop these essential skills?

At a RealX Workshop

You’ll learn from Matt and other industry experts and come away with a solid plan for how to implement their techniques and drive sales within your business.

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