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Matt Fagioli

With 30+ years of experience in Technology & Marketing, you simply won’t find a better real estate coach or innovator than Matt Fagioli. The Atlanta-based entrepreneur is the founder of Xplode Conference, New Media Atlanta, REtechSouth, Diamond Dwellings Realty, and, and serves as the team lead at The 678 Real Estate Team. In everything Matt does, he seeks to inspire others, provoke thought, and create new dialogues. His personal mantra? “Live an Inspired Life with Character. Challenge and break the status quo. Question (if not break) any rule.”

Start a Career in Real Estate in FIVE Easy Steps

  1. Get Licensed: All states require some form of real estate education before you get started. Luckily, between community colleges and online education providers, it’s easier than ever to start your training today. You’ll be sitting for your licensing exam before you know it.
  2. Find a Broker: All new real estate agents get started by working under a broker. You’ll need a broker that will mentor you, teach you about your market and the industry as a whole, and set you up for success.
  3. Make Connections: Dedicate time daily to managing the connections you already have and nurturing new ones. Fortunately, there are fantastic apps and tools that help you accomplish this critical step.
  4. Understand Your Market: Use every resource at your disposal to learn everything you can about your market. Study the MLS, ask your broker questions, and lean on friends and family to critique your listings.
  5. Define Your Goals: Set a clear plan of action to guide your first 90 days on the job. Just be sure that you don’t establish your goals in a vacuum – do your research and turn to your broker and other professional mentors for advice. All you have to do is ask.